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Hardcore Dungeon Core

Book 5

By: A.J. Markam

Performed by: Iggy Toma

Released: April 16, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 0 min

He thought it was all a game…until he lost everything.
Tragedy has struck, and now Ian must try to reverse it. 
Inside the virtual reality video game known as OtherWorld, he will recruit new allies…play politics with a duchess and an emissary of the Church of Eternity…square off against a trio of bounty hunters…meet a vastly powerful dungeon core who can bend reality itself…and encounter the most frightening opponent he has ever faced. 
But most important of all, he will risk _everything _to save the woman he loves. 
Warning: This is a story featuring naked women, threesomes, kinky sex, demons, warlocks, violence, revenge, and moral quandaries.



A.J. Markam

AJ Markam writes action adventure about sexy devil ladies and superheroes, with plenty of humor and extra juicy naughty bits.



Iggy Toma

**Iggy is an award winning narrator who has voiced over 150 titles. Some highlights include the popular Urban Fantasy series “Guild codex: Warped” by Annette Marie and and Rob Jacobsen, the steamy “Fake Boyfriend” series by Eden Finley, the hilarious erotic litRPG “Succubus” series by A.J. Markam, and a ton of titles by the brilliant Heidi Cullinan.**