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A.J. Markam

Fantasy, Harem, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Superhero

AJ Markam writes action adventure about sexy devil ladies and superheroes, with plenty of humor and extra juicy naughty bits.


TITLES FROM the Author

The Good, The Bad and the Crazy Stupid Hot

Succubus, Book 3


Succubus, Book 1

Riddles and Revenge

Succubus, Book 8

Hell to Pay

Succubus, Book 2

Hardcore Dungeon Core

Succubus, Book 5

Gnome Place Like Home

Succubus, Book 4

Fairy Tale

Succubus, Book 7


Ex-Superheroes, Book 1

Ex-Superheroes 2

Ex-Superheroes, Book 2

Ex-Superheroes 3

Ex-Superheroes, Book 3

Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

Succubus, Book 6

A Succubus Christmas Special

Succubus, Book 0.5