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A Succubus Christmas Special

Book 0.5

By: A.J. Markam

Performed by: Iggy Toma

Released: December 03, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 03 hr, 25 min

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially if your girlfriend is a succubus.
In this irreverent take on the holidays, Ian gets a new quest in a virtual reality video game: kill a monstrous villain named Sinter Klaws. (And no, he is NOT a jolly old elf.)
Join Ian, his succubus Alaria, and his imp Stig as they journey through a winter wonderland full of killer reindeer, lecherous elves, and the worst mall Santa in the history of the world.
This is a stand-alone story in the Succubus universe. No need to listen to the previous books.
Warning: This book is on Santa’s naughty list! If you’re an old granny lady who’s going to clutch your pearls every time somebody gets naked – or if you’re a Bible-thumper who gets irate over irreverent treatment of the New Testament – this book is not for you. This is a short story featuring naked women, threesomes, demons, warlocks, violence, profanity, and religious parodies.



A.J. Markam

AJ Markam writes action adventure about sexy devil ladies and superheroes, with plenty of humor and extra juicy naughty bits.



Iggy Toma

**Iggy is an award winning narrator who has voiced over 150 titles. Some highlights include the popular Urban Fantasy series “Guild codex: Warped” by Annette Marie and and Rob Jacobsen, the steamy “Fake Boyfriend” series by Eden Finley, the hilarious erotic litRPG “Succubus” series by A.J. Markam, and a ton of titles by the brilliant Heidi Cullinan.**