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Christopher Boucher

LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Fantasy, Harem, Dragons & Mythical Creatures

TITLES FROM the Performer


Arise, Book 3


Valens Heritage, Book 8


Beware of Darkness

Valens Heritage, Book 7

War’s Toll

Tower of Damnation, Book 5

The Scheme

Tower of Damnation, Book 4

Ain’t It The Life

Valens Heritage, Book 6

The Shifter’s Hoard 6

Dragon Born, Book 6

No Place Like Home

Valens Heritage, Book 5

The Shifter’s Hoard 5

Dragon Born, Book 5

The First Tower

Tower of Damnation, Book 1

Be of Good Cheer

Valens Heritage, Book 3

The Shifter’s Hoard

Dragon Born, Book 1