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Monster Core 3

Monster Core, Book 3

Mistrunner 2

Mistrunner, Book 2

Back to School

EMP Survival in a Dying World, Book 3


Wolfwere Series, Book 1

Star Centurion

Alien Ship for Sale, Book 2

The Fall of the Third Temple

Arisen: Operators, Book 1


Plotting the Stars, Book 2


The Way of Etherforging, Book 2

Ashes, Ashes

The Chronicles of Altor, Book 3

The Complete Battle for Mars Series

Battle for Mars


The Gift, Book 2

The Art of War

First Contact

Whose Bed Have Your Claws Been Under

LUX-3: Force Field

LUX and the New TECH, Book 3

Echoes in the Deep

Lost Horizons

The Descending Worlds, Book 2

The Guilted Cage

The Fallen World, Book 18

Red Company: Contact

Full Metal Panic! Volume 2

Full Metal Panic!, Book 2

Fort Scratchy

Bob and Nikki, Book 26