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Mercenary Monarch

Mercenary Mage, Book 3

An Elusive Eden

Paladins of Distant Suns, Book 2

The Ancestor Trap

The Ancient Secrets, Book 3

Who Let the Demon Out?

Void Drifter

Last Stop

Wartorn Stars

Peacekeepers of Sol, Book 7

Glory: Humanity’s Warriors

Glory, Book 3


Mod Superhero, Book 2

Into the Nexus

Time Diving, Book 4

Jovian Reverie

Cyber Dreams, Book 4


The Delphic Dame, Book 3

Sporemageddon Vol. 3

Cowboy Necromancer 4

Cowboy Necromancer, Book 4

World Undone

The Cascadia Series, Book 4

The Object

The Ambitious Lives of Evan Sanderson

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 19

Hard Knocks

SC Marva Collins, Book 3

A Tangled Road to Justice

Paladins of Distant Suns, Book 1

The Last Mission

The Descending Worlds, Book 3