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Patrick O'Leary

Mystery & Thriller, Technothriller

Patrick O’Leary is an old poet, novelist, songwriter and photographer, Michigan born and raised. His first novel, DOOR NUMBER THREE (TOR) was chosen by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the best novels of the year. His second novel, THE GIFT (TOR) was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award and The Mythopoeic Award. His third novel THE IMPOSSIBLE BIRD (TOR) received wide acclaim. His short stories have appeared in all the best places. His work is collected in OTHER VOICES, OTHER DOORS (Fairwood Press) and THE BLACK HEART (PS PUBLISHING). His poetry has appeared in some pretty damn classy magazines. His poetry collections are available on Apple Ibooks: THE WEDDING and THE BLACK GOWN. His novels have been translated into German, Russian, Japanese, Polish, French and English Braille. He lives near Detroit, Michigan with his wife, the artist Sandra Rice. His latest novel is 51 (Tachyon) reveals shocking new (REDACTED).


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