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Dietmar Wehr

Contemporary, Military, Sci-fi, Space Opera

A corporate financial analyst by training, Dietmar began writing the kind of military SF and Space Opera stories he loves to read, at the age of 58 and has now written over 24 novels and 3 short stories. His Synchronicity War Part 1 was part of a boxset that made it onto the USA Today Bestseller list. He lives with his son near Niagara Falls, Canada. , Dietmar Wehr began his professional writing career at the age of 59, after working for 4 decades in the field of corporate financial analysis and management. His first original novel, The Synchronicity War Part 1 was part of a boxset that made it to the USA Today bestseller list. He currently lives near Niagara Falls, Canada. Fans can contact him through his website.


TITLES FROM the Author

The System States Rebellion Omnibus

System States Rebellion, Book 2

The Synchronicity War 1

The Synchronicity War, Book 1

The Synchronicity War 2

The Synchronicity War, Book 2

The Synchronicity War 3

The Synchronicity War, Book 3

The Synchronicity War 4

The Synchronicity War, Book 4

Rumors of Salvation

System States Rebellion, Book 3

Empire in Crisis