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Zenith Academy

Zenith Academy

Book 1

By: Cassius Lange

Performed by: Gabriel Michael, Jessica Threet

Released: December 28, 2021

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 15 min

My name is James, but my mom’s the only person that can call me that. To everyone else, I’m JD—a struggling artist, working my fingers to the bone for my shot with one of the big comic book companies.

Oh, and I work nights, managing a dive called Judson’s Bar and Grill. I know: the dream life. Things were boring, disappointing, even. Until one fateful night when everything changed.

What happened first? An odd woman showed up in a booth while I was trying to close up for the night–rude, but on its own, not so weird. She was dressed in a kimono and had a sword in her lap; that part was a little strange.

What happened next? It turns out she’s a mistress at a magical academy, and she has been looking for me…(please pick up on my sarcasm here). Except then she proved it, and with just a few violent swings of her very real sword, she ensured that I didn’t have a job anymore. So, I more or less had to follow her into a scary, glowing portal.

Where did it take me? A surreal place called Zenith Academy, and a life I’d only ever dreamt of; a place I’ll learn how to cultivate mana and wield magic-like powers. And that is just the beginning. The tower imbues cultivators with visual prompts and game-like stats, making my new life feel like something straight out of a choose your own adventure novel. But it’s not all for nothing.

Evidently, they’ve been fighting a war for thousands of years, and I’ve just been drafted.



Cassius Lange



Gabriel Michael