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Warhead: Origins: A Superhero Harem Fantasy

Book 1

By: Troy Maverick

Released: May 02, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 51 min

Trial 999. Codename: Warhead.
Day in and day out, I was reminded of what I was: a subject, a mere guinea pig to a bunch of insatiable lab tests. These scientists were trying to break me, recondition me, control me. I had no idea that my life would succumb to this, a mysterious phenomenon in need of experimentation. Because humans feared what they couldn’t understand, and I happened to be a powerhouse in my own right, a supernatural prodigy. But one day, after almost twenty years, I escaped, leaving nothing behind but ashes and acid rain.
Little did I know, I’d be reminded of that fateful night I’d left my constant nightmare…
Bio nukes fell from the sky with one goal in mind: to essentially turn everyone into superhumans like me.
Turning innocent lives into a round of Russian roulette was the name of the game. The aftermath left two sides of the same coin: to become supervillains or superheroes. I choose the latter, but not by choice.
Either way, I had a binding contract with The Brother’s Code, a crime-fighting organization where plain supes could train to become TBC Super Heroes.
Now I have to make things right, working with The Brother’s Code to stop this wave of supervillains created by the same facility that turned my cells into biological warfare. A team of three girls and I would become superheroes, defying all odds to shut down Sigma-RE for good, just as long as we could find a way to work together.
Easier said than done.



Troy Maverick

Author of best sellers Sire Wolf and Warhead. I'm just a gamer who loves to write men's fantasy fiction, crossing horror with harem, and maybe adding a dash of mystery to the mix. With enough support, I can reach my dream of writing full time.