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Warhead: Hereditary

Book 2

By: Troy Maverick

Performed by: Gabriel Michael, Melody Muzljakovich

Released: July 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 52 min

Super villains or super heroes? At this point, it wasn’t up to us to decide.
All the work that we’d put into creating a name for ourselves had been quickly erased by the fault of someone I hold near and dear—which was strange, considering that finding her was part of my contract with The Brother’s Code.
Maybe I shouldn’t have said weird—heartbreaking was more like it.
When TBC labeled my girlfriend Rachel Henderson as a class A threat, the first thing I wanted to do was chase after her. But the public show she made on the news showcased her ability to possess super heroes, converting them into super villains. To make matters worse, she was working for the Syndicate of Sorrow, an organization of super villains led by The Seer. She took the one thing they wanted to get their hands on from day one: the strongest of supes hidden underneath the very foundation of Unity Bank. Because of her alliance with the enemy, an impending apocalypse was upon us.
As TBC super heroes, my girls and I must find a way to make things right again, but with the world classifying all supes as super villains, it wasn’t going to be easy. Add that to the fact that someone was weeding out the weak supes to make way for the stronger ones, and we have ourselves a full plate on our hands.
_Warhead: Hereditary _is a full-length harem fantasy with strong language, graphic steamy scenes, and unconventional romance between one male and multiple female partners. Feat: Yanderes, tsunderes, Marvel undertones, and crazy mad scientists.



Troy Maverick

Author of best sellers Sire Wolf and Warhead. I'm just a gamer who loves to write men's fantasy fiction, crossing horror with harem, and maybe adding a dash of mystery to the mix. With enough support, I can reach my dream of writing full time.



Gabriel Michael



Melody Muzljakovich