Tower of Ancients | Podium Audio

Lords of War

Tower of Ancients

Book 1

By: Jaeger Mitchells

Performed by: Chris Graves

Released: December 08, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 20 min

Raziel’s usefulness has come to an end after centuries of servitude.
Betrayed by his own kind, his coven is forced to flee everything he paid for in blood. He will not forget the treachery and all that he lost, especially not those who tried to take what was his. He will have his revenge against everyone who wronged him, and no price will be too high.
With two blood-elf princesses, who are as beautiful as they are deadly, and a feared vampire bone witch by his side, he will make everyone who opposed him drown in a sea of blood. Literally.
This novel contains dark elements and explicit scenes intended for mature listeners.



Jaeger Mitchells

Jaeger Mitchells is finally ready to tackle the world with his Fantasy and SciFi Harem novels! After honing the art of writing for the last five years, he started publishing and conquering the scene, one novel at a time. He enjoys Space Opera most, listens to trance and metal music from where he draws inspiration to write. Often is criticized for having MC's who don't do the right thing or save the day. Not that he cares...



Chris Graves