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Time Jacker

By: Aaron Crash

Performed by: Lewis Alexander, Rozelyn Rader

Released: July 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 24 min

If you could stop time, what would you do?
Jack Masterson wanted to be a cop like his dad—what he got instead was kicked off the force for doing the right thing. Sometimes fate can be cruel. Now, Jack works a crappy job as a bank security guard. But when a bank robber unloads a shotgun in his face, Jack raises his hand…and stops time.
In an instant, he’s gone from rent-a-cop to Time Knight. As the sixth son of a sixth son, Jack’s drawn the attention of a sultry succubus and a horny angel, and now he’s got both heaven and hell talking dirty in his ear. It’s high time for Jack to get laid and get paid, but when his old crush gets kidnapped by a monster that feeds on people’s lifespans, Jack’s moral compass can point him only one way—straight to the gates of hell to stop a shift in the Time War and save the day.
Time Jacker is a sexy urban fantasy harem adventure with an insatiable succubus, a horny volleyball player, a stripper with a heart of gold, and the girl next door. In includes explicit sex scenes and unconventional relationships.



Aaron Crash

Aaron Crash writes sexy, sci-fi/fantasy, harem novels. His bestselling series include War God’s Mantle, American Dragons, and The Princesses of the Ironbound. When he’s not in the word mines, he mountain bikes, plays video games, and has been known to watch a movie or three. He lives in the American West, near Denver, which he loves.



Lewis Alexander



Rozelyn Rader