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Temple of Cocidius

Temple of Cocidius: The Complete First Adventure

Book 5

By: Maxx Whittaker

Performed by: Soren Gray

Released: June 11, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 20 hr, 24 min

Revenge is a dish best served in eight courses.  
I’m Tamlir Kynthelig, mercenary. I lost my home, my family was slaughtered, and my kingdom was usurped. 
And then things really got bad. 
I saved King Mynogin and won the honor of a likely-fatal run through the Temple of Cocidius to gain him its treasure. Trust me when I say this isn’t a change in my luck. Gathering the temple’s eight artifacts has never been accomplished, and a thousand men have perished to its beasts and puzzles.
But I’ve maybe not been entirely truthful with Mynogin. I’m armed with two of the most powerful weapons: a secret, and an ace up my sleeve. With help from the mythical women who inhabit the mad god’s temple, I may just turn the tables on Mynogin and the Oryllix – a pair of creatures with a terrifying, insatiable appetite for destruction. 
Eight dungeons, a thousand corpses before me, and a bevy of kickass women fighting by my side. Easy. All in a day’s work. What could go wrong? 
A Monster Girl harem adventure that’s sure to please! 
Warning: Temple of Cocidius is not for listeners who have an aversion to intense depictions of blood, gore, and daring men getting down with beautiful monster girls. If you suffer any of these, you should talk with your doctor about whether Cocidius is right for you.



Maxx Whittaker



Soren Gray