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Super Sales on Super Heroes

Super Sales on Super Heroes 6

Book 6

By: William D. Arand

Performed by: Nick Podehl

Released: October 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 36 min

In a world full of superpowers, Felix had a pretty crappy one.
He has the ability to modify any item he owns. To upgrade anything. Sounds great on paper. Almost like a video game. Except that the amount of power it takes to actually change, modify, or upgrade anything worthwhile is beyond his abilities.
At least, that was until Felix leveraged a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give himself a great deal of points.
Investing in Super Heroes and Super Villains and owning them. Using them, Felix built up an empire: an organization by the name of Legion.
Felix got what he wanted. He pushed, pulled, fought, and dug his way through the world to get Legion—or, more accurately, the Association—to the forefront of the world’s politics. In doing so, he lost something he couldn’t afford to. Andrea Elex had been lost in the final moments of everything coming together.
Now Ryker and Runner have come calling to get those favors repaid he promised them, except he only has one thing on his mind: getting Andrea back as soon as possible.
Fighting against Zeus with the Overgod and the Architect, finishing his business with the Guild of Heroes and League of Villains, pushing the Association and the Legion to the pinnacle of power. All those things were on his to-do list, but to Felix there was only one real answer.
Andrea First.



William D. Arand

William D. Arand writes male-oriented science fiction and fantasy.



Nick Podehl