Soulbound 1 | Podium Audio


Soulbound 1

Book 1

By: Cassius Lange

Released: March 26, 2024

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 18 min

They tried to take everything from me. Instead, I got one of the strongest assassin classes in existence. Now, I’m going to show them how it’s really done.
Starting over is never easy, but after acquiring the deadly Plague Revenant class, I’m rather looking forward to my new life. Killing people has never been something I was too interested in, but after losing my friends to a darkness-worshipping asshole and his cronies during a bounty hunt, I’ve put all that aside. Now, I’m going to be the hunter, and they will be the prey.
The city of Greystone is a vicious place, one that is unforgiving and opportunistic. I will not forgive, and I will take every opportunity thrown my way to get stronger short of praying to the dark god. Enough lunatics are doing that already…
After adopting an alcoholic talking pangolin-badger War Beast from another world with a sharp tongue and keen mind, an interesting opportunity presents itself to hurry along my chance for revenge.
After having kept my hands to myself for years, It’s time to enjoy myself a bit as well with an enemy-turned-ally magician who is as smart as she is beautiful, a bar owner who can equally hold herself in a fight as much as with liquor, and the only other survivor other than myself, a golden-haired healer who’s even more damaged than I am.
Change looms behind Greystone’s colossal walls as guilds vanish, arena fighters wind up dead, and whispers of a great war permeate the streets. My name is Cade, a man driven by vengeance, and I am going to bring it all down!



Cassius Lange