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Solar King: Uniting the Twelve Zodiacs

Solar King: Publisher’s Pack

Book 2

By: Marco Frazetta

Released: September 22, 2020

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 9 min

Contains books one and two of Solar King: Uniting the Twelve Zodiacs.
Taurus, book one
At the age of 18, Bo Wingman was full of hope, eager to soar in the sky as a member of the United States Air Force. But when he was involved in a terrible accident that cost his two best friends their lives, everyone in town blamed him for it – and it was hard not to believe them. All that was left to do was leave town, change his identity, and start a quiet, tortured life working in an underground mine.
One day at work, he is approached by a captivating scientist who knows about his past – and knows far more uncanny things than that. She coerces him into coming with her to a secret lab. She believes that an intergalactic civilization visited earth in eons past and left behind a powerful artifact that’s key to bridging the stars. She also believes that Bo is not an ordinary, nameless mine worker. She believes he is the solar king.
The only problem is, for as bright as Bo’s power burns, the darkness of space is endless. It contains horrors that could destroy planet Earth entirely or doom it to an even darker fate.
Leo, book two
Together with his Zodiacs, the Solar King has defeated Chimera, the giant alien horror that would have destroyed the city of Lagos, and possibly far more. He’s begun exploring the unique Kosmic relationship that he has with the warrior goddesses known as Zodiacs, and he has learned that there are 10 more somewhere in the galaxy, waiting for him to find them.
Bo travels to another dimension called Aether, where he learns how to upgrade his Colossus, how to raise its stats, and even how to combine with his Zodiacs’ colossi. But he must hurry, as a Kosmic threat is looming, and he still does not realize that something from his past is about to throw off his entire plan of saving the galaxy.
Warning: Solar King features city-crushing battles, mystical unions through physical passion, harem relationships, and a monarch coming into his own power. For adults only.



Marco Frazetta

Marco Frazetta writes pulp fiction inspired by works as diverse as Conan the Barbarian, Power Rangers, Ninja Scroll, and much more. He seeks to truly put readers into the ultimate adventure within unique worlds. Connect with him by friending him on Facebook or on his newsletter!