Rulers of Last World | Podium Audio

Chimera King

Rulers of Last World

Book 3

By: Atlas Kane

Released: April 20, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 12 hr, 8 min

Cherish your girls. Hold the wall. Reforge the land.
Cade and his band of bodacious companions have forged a foothold in the world of Antinium, and now they must defend it. A dungeon with seven levels of increasing difficulty waits to be explored. Invaluable resources, and more importantly, the power to control the dungeon itself, stands as more than an enticing reward to lure Cade in.
The beasts of Antinium have mutated and turned from a nuisance into a full-scale threat. But most concerning of all is the evil that festers in the darkness. For the sake of Antinium’s people, the rulers of Last World must prove that the light of their newly forged society is enough to withstand the night….
The Chimera King series contains explicit adult content, unconventional harem relationships, graphic and persistent violence, and a hero whose humor belongs in a military barracks. Proceed at your own risk.



Atlas Kane