Picking Up the Pieces | Podium Audio


Picking Up the Pieces

Book 2

By: Prax Venter

Performed by: Christian Fox

Released: December 25, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 2 min

After escaping from the clutches of his demanding AI assistant in succubus form, Mark was thrust into the Crystal Heart gameworld after it had been left running for hundreds of years.
Tasked with building his team and healing the corruption caused by the two warring artificially intelligent entities, Mark heads out into the unknown to enthrall compatible fighters and figure out his next steps. 
With their new, magic compass in hand, Mark and his beautiful Enthralled begin the search for the scattered pieces of the broken Crystal Heart. The journey will send them to the far corners of the gameworld to face challenges that test their strength, their courage, and their bond.
As their adventures unfold, Mark begins to worry about what will happen to his cherished friends, teammates, and lovers if they actually succeed.
Warning: Contains graphic sexual scenes.



Prax Venter



Christian Fox