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My Ninja Girl

My Ninja Girl: Volume 2

Book 4

By: Gideon Caldwell

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: August 17, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 47 min

Contains books three and four of My Ninja Girl, an action-packed harem adventure series where cultivation and cyberpunk collide.
My Ninja Girl 3
A bunch of big ass mechas? Okay! The tensions rise as Micah Regent and his many magnificent mavens of melee and mayhem keep sticking it to the Society of Monks currently in charge of Neo-Hokkaido. Only this time they have an extra addition to the team: the butt-kicking nun from the clandestine Monks of Repose, Liza. Well, and the huge Bobi mechas, can’t forget those.
If their last adventure was cranked to 11, this one hits 12 easy. More guns, more secrets uncovered, more time-traveling ninja girls, more…everything! Rejoin your favorite ninja-loving hero and his foulmouthed granny as he learns to master his abilities and beat down everyone in his way. With the help of his wives, of course.
My Ninja Girl 4
Micah and his team—still full of sexy ninjas, a kitsune, and a beautiful yet deadly nun—are going to bring their war against tyranny to its natural conclusion, by going straight to the top! There’s only one problem: They’re on the run from literally everyone in Neo-Hokkaido. Fight alongside Micah, Yuri, Bunni, Soraya, Liza, Choro, and Micah’s sassy grandmother in the story that closes this chapter of the My Ninja Girl saga by best-selling author Gideon Caldwell.



Gideon Caldwell



Tess Irondale