Living Starship 1 | Podium Audio

Living Starship 1

Book 1

By: Dante King

Performed by: Heather Stonewell, Wayne Kelly

Released: February 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 27 min

Captain James Decker has lived a life of hunting, killing, and earning credits.
To some, it hasn’t amounted to much, but to him, it’s led to him captaining the SC Fortune, a space cruiser with a competent crew that he’s grown fond of.
After accepting a bounty hunting mission with a beautiful blonde woman as the mark, Decker finds himself soon without a ship and a crew. But as luck would have it, this same mission gives him back what he lost: a new ship and a new crew.
This ship is composed of what seems like organic material, and the sole crew member he finds on board is the same beautiful blonde whose bounty he took.
Turns out that this woman is what is known to very few as a symbiote, and she’s one of the last ones left. She has a mission for Decker: seek out her sisters and bring them all together. While not a typical mission for Decker, the symbiote’s request, should he honor it, will lead to more credits than any planet president, let alone bounty hunter, has laid eyes on.
It’ll mean becoming captain of a new ship, a living starship, and seeking out the last symbiotes all the way to the cosmic horizon.
This book contains unconventional relationships.



Dante King



Heather Stonewell

_Heather is an audiobook narrator, voiceover artist, and actress with 15+ years of acting experience. She cares deeply about creating a rich and immersive world for the listener, a quality made even stronger by her skills with accent work and the empathy she brings to each character. From Historic to Contemporary, and every erotic moment in between, Heather is here to give life to your audio dreams._



Wayne Kelly