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I Don’t Want to Be the Hero

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero Vol. 1

Book 1

By: M.E. Thorne

Released: March 29, 2022

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 32 min

Beat the Demon Lord and save the world? No thanks!
People always said demons and dragons were horrifying monsters. They didn’t warn me they were gorgeous, too. My name is Mal, and ever since I was a boy, I’ve been treated as a malcontent because of my ability to see magic. For everyone else, magic is proof of the Goddess’ love. To me, it is just a colorful spread of enchantments, cantrips, blessings, and hexes.
And any spell I can see, I can break. I had always expected to grow up to be a ditch-digger. Instead, I was dubbed a hero. Heroes are sent out in the wasteland, to slay monsters and to challenge the Demon Lord. It’s a suicide mission.
But once I was exiled, I found that the outside world was drastically different from what I had thought. The beautiful women I meet, demons, dragons, and orcs, might be my best shot for surviving the insanity I’ve been thrown into. Warning:┬áThis novel is not appropriate for all ages; it contains descriptions of violence, unconventional relationships, and limitless adventure.



M.E. Thorne

An up-and-coming author focusing on fantasy and sci-fi haremlit novels.