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Heresy of Dragons

Heresy of Dragons

Book 1

By: Erik Reid

Performed by: Chris Graves

Released: January 07, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 37 min

Not every man can handle a magitech gauntlet that speaks in floating silver text, or a handful of women with unique…needs.
I’m not every man.
When a bad blind date got worse – like, interdimensional lightning storm worse – I woke up to a realm of dragon women, magical kobolds, and a playful monkey girl with a painful secret. I also accidentally (totally on purpose) stole an ancient artifact in the form of a black gauntlet that bonded with my body and unlocked a series of new abilities.
So what’s the catch? The glove wasn’t meant for me. It was meant for the fabled Hero of Silura, the only man capable of preventing a gnarly blue ice demon and his army of blood-sucking half-breed children from wiping out the kingdom of dragon descendants that took me in.
Now he wants the glove, buckets of blood, and a bridge across the divine veil that separates this realm from Earth. And he’ll be here in three……
Warning: This book contains violence, snide comments, explicit sexual encounters, litRPG and gamelit elements, and general badassery.



Erik Reid



Chris Graves