Hamartia | Podium Audio

Mountain King Saga


Book 2

By: Cebelius

Released: September 07, 2021

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 31 min

Becoming king was just the beginning….
With all survivors in Svartheim under his control, Abram has become the Mountain King. Revenge is his, yet his troubles have only begun. The dungeon is a shambles of death and decay. His goblins and hobs are few in number and lack training. The bridge to the surface is in ruins, and his latest bond is a literal demon bent on corrupting and destroying him.
Yet Abram is nothing if not resourceful and rapidly sets about improving his circumstances through thrift, hard work, alliance, and subterfuge. With a massive tauren horde on the march and enemies both seen and unseen all around, the gravest danger may come from within. As his mental state deteriorates, Abram begins to lose time and question which of the lives he leads is reality, and which is the game….
This book does not pan to waving curtains and fade to black. Those uninterested or under the age of 18 are strongly warned of explicit content.