Framework of the Frontier | Podium Audio

Ruinland Ranger

Framework of the Frontier

Book 1

By: Sain Artwell

Released: January 05, 2021

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 25 min

Monster girls, divine magic, and a frontier of dungeons to tame.
William Adams hoped to escape his dead-end life by reconnecting with estranged friends. They died when a floating cuboid interrupted the gaming night and vaporized everyone. Waking with powers reminiscent of his paladin character, William finds himself alone in a fantasy frontier of dungeoneers, desperadoes, and damsels of the monster girl varieties. 
Set on reuniting with his friends, William accepts the duties of a Frontier Ranger. Unfortunately, the job is a ticket to a lifetime of trouble. 
Local ruffians, a laser golem-infested dungeon, and enemies from the deep seas force the former mall cop to stretch his magic of divine blessings to its limits. Thankfully, William has a nerdy faun archeologist and a psychic aboleth princess by his side. Together they explore the hidden mysteries of the Cursed Frontier. 
Ruinland Ranger contains explicit engagements between a monster girl harem and the main character.



Sain Artwell

Sain Artwell is an ex scientist from Finland who has since switched his focus to producing pulpy escapist fantasy stories. His inspiration comes from anime, comic books, RPGs, video games, harem stories, and fantasy classics. Monster girls, cool action, and wondrous magics often feature in his works.