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Forever Young

Forever Young

Book 1

By: Daniel Pierce

Performed by: Leo Barnabas

Released: February 12, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 55 min

What would you do if you woke up young again?
Jason Richards is in his 40s, recently divorced, and hates his job, but all of that changes when he’s attacked by a redheaded vampire and left for dead in a truckstop bathroom.
He soon wakes up in a mansion, surrounded by beautiful women and told he can never go home again. More importantly, he finds that his bones no longer ache, he feels amazing, and he looks like a 20-year-old kid again.
That’s because he’s a Ferin, a Forever Young, gifted with immortality and special abilities unlike anything he ever thought possible. With the guidance of his gorgeous female companions, Jason must learn how to survive in a world with real monsters, find and defeat the vampire who created him, and uncover the dark truth about what it means to be a Ferin.
Warning: This book contains adult situations and language. Listen at your own risk.



Daniel Pierce



Leo Barnabas