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Elemental Empire

Elemental Empire 4

Book 4

By: Peter North

Performed by: Gabriel Michael

Released: June 13, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 10 min

Temptation calls from the mists, and I am powerless to resist…
After our bittersweet victory against Drakkus, Lord of Chaos, we wanted nothing but to leave the desert realm and its cursed labyrinth behind us. Stepping through a magic portal into the Lucidian mountain range seemed like the perfect solution.
At first, the cool, swirling mountain mists are a welcome change from the relentless heat of the silent sands. Once we make our way to the mountain temple, we will collect the priestesses and their soldiers and make our way to the high plains to stake my claim as Emperor of the Five Realms. We’re so close I can taste it.
But something is out there in the mist, hiding just out of sight. Something that doesn’t want us here. It twists our memories and poisons our minds, trying to turn us against one another.
They call this place the Mists of Forgetting. But they should have called it the Mists of Madness.
We can only resist its powers for so long…and if we fall, the Five Realms will fall with us.



Peter North

Ogre by day, hero by night... Peter North has been writing "serious" SF&F adventures for many years, under another name. But there's only so long a guy can be serious before he starts to go a bit mad. This is where Peter comes to play. Inspired by Sword & Sorcery of old and HaremLit of new, the Elemental Empires series is a place where men (and open-minded women) can come to experience the intersection of Fantasy and fantasies. Follow Peter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peternorthbooks Visit his website: https://www.peternorthauthor.com



Gabriel Michael