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Dungeon Delving for Loot and Levels

Dungeon Delving for Loot and Levels Vol. 4

Book 4

By: M.E. Thorne

Performed by: Jonathan Waters, Katana Jones

Released: October 17, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 24 min

Bust out those Elixirs and Mega Potions you’ve been hoarding—It’s final boss battle time!
It’s all been leading to this: the battle to decide the fate of Dungeon World! When I arrived on the theme-park planet run amok, I had nothing, but I’ve built an amazing life surrounded by the women I love. There’s no way I’m allowing some tyrannical madman to steal it all away.
Nobody said the destined showdown would be easy. We’ll have to contend with insane biomechanical monsters, cyberpunk gangsters, and extraversal horrors beyond count! Our journey will take us from the deepest dungeons to dead worlds and shattered realities.
Maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll get one of those video-game happy endings?
Little do I know, this fight will decide the fate of not only Dungeon World but of all realities!



M.E. Thorne

An up-and-coming author focusing on fantasy and sci-fi haremlit novels.



Jonathan Waters



Katana Jones