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Dungeon Delving for Loot and Levels

Dungeon Delving for Loot and Levels Vol. 3

Book 3

By: M.E. Thorne

Released: June 06, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 37 min

Power up, pick up some babes, and fight for your life—that’s just how things work when you’re trapped in a theme park run amok!
A lot has changed since I was initially dumped in Dungeon World. I’ve gone from penniless adventurer to world-saving hero with a bevy of beauties by my side. Together we’re on a quest to save Dungeon World, a theme park planet gone haywire, from the insidious corporation that created it.
We’re up against a wannabe god and his C-suite of toadies, all vying to take over the world. To defeat them, we’ll need to beat glitched-out dungeons, monster-filled train stations, and alien-held volcano fortresses.
Grab a sword, pick up a Job Sphere, and let’s go save the day!



M.E. Thorne

An up-and-coming author focusing on fantasy and sci-fi haremlit novels.