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Dungeon Bound

Dungeon Bound

Book 1

By: Bastian Knight

Performed by: Andrea Parsneau

Released: September 01, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 25 min

Gabriel was a successful magic student until a classmate framed him, forcing him to join the Adventurer’s Guild to survive.
Unfortunately, his career as an adventurer doesn’t turn out quite how he was hoping. While on his first delve, he discovers more about monsters, dungeons, and souls than he ever imagined. With that knowledge comes power and new friends. But even as his exotic companions enrich his life, they also give him more to lose. 
When Gabriel learns that time isn’t on their side, he has to find his way as a Dungeon Master before greedy adventurers and ravenous monsters strip away everything he holds dear. 
Disclaimer: Dungeon Bound contains casual nudity, explicit sex, sexy monster girls, a growing harem, a fantasy world with magic, game mechanics, violence, revenge, crude humor, profanity, dungeon cores, dungeon masters, magic, home invaders, an exhibitionist, ritual sacrifice, and a dungeon.



Bastian Knight



Andrea Parsneau