Dungeon Bound 3 | Podium Audio

Dungeon Bound

Dungeon Bound 3

Book 3

By: Bastian Knight

Performed by: Andrea Parsneau

Released: October 11, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 20 hr, 46 min

A week ago, Gabriel Grimm would never have imagined that being expelled from the Academy of Magic and turned into a virgin sacrifice would be an experience he was grateful for.
Now, bonded to three incredible monster girls and a charming young Dungeon Core, he can’t even imagine going back to his old life.
He’s killed dozens of guards and brought down the baron, trapping the man’s soul in a crystal. Mated with a hellhound, then avenged her old Pack by cutting down a monstrous arachne.
When that battle almost cost Gabriel his life, he bonded with a feisty werebadger.
But while his allies grow, time is running out for his Dungeon Core.
The stolen crystal is losing attunement. If they doesn’t recover it soon, Gabriel will be forced to watch his Core die. And with her, the beautiful monster girls who’ve stolen his heart.
As they recover and set out after the crystal again, Gabriel knows the malevolent entity deeper in the dungeon is infesting his soul.
Even if they recover the crystal in time, how safe will his Core be with only goblins and kobolds to guard her?
It’s a lot to handle for a mage who spent his whole life cloistered away in the Academy, but Gabriel is willing to do anything to protect his new life.



Bastian Knight



Andrea Parsneau