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Demon’s Throne

Demon’s Throne

Book 1

By: K.D. Robertson

Performed by: Stephanie Savannah

Released: November 22, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 39 min

Rys awakes to the smell of blood and nearly two thousand years of dust.
Maybe he overslept a little too long. Once, he was a great champion and general in the demonic empire that ruled the world. Now, he’s been erased from history.
He’ll need to remind the world of the price of forgetfulness.
Now is the time to build his own empire, as the ancient powers of his time are long gone. Rys has an archipelago to conquer, women interested in extending their bloodline with him, and a mysterious labyrinth that holds the secret to why he was sealed away to begin with.
But a contract with Hell is eternal. His old employers want to turn him into their pawn, and Rys must become powerful enough to remain free.
That’s not a short to-do list. But half the fun of taking over the world is the challenge.



K.D. Robertson

K.D. Robertson is an author who greatly prefers writing pulp fantasy novels to his office job. He lives in Australia and could probably spend a little less time playing video games.



Stephanie Savannah

In addition to narrating over 100 audiobooks under several names, Stephanie has been seen and heard on stage in New York City and across the country. Stephanie has narrated in many genres, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, LitRPG, Harem, True Crime, Literature, Horror, Business, and Non-Fiction. AudioFile Magazine, the audiobook industry standard for audiobook reviews, said she "uses good expression," and "has a good selection of voices," turning in a "solid performance." LitRPG Podcast said, "The narration by Stephanie Savannah stuns. She never hesitates, and she tackles serious material with vigor and enthusiasm. She certainly has the feel for filling the action and emotion in the right spots and keeps each character clearly defined. As juggling acts go, she’s flipping live chainsaws and making them look like rubber balls."