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Cultivating Chaos

Cultivating Chaos 4

Book 4

By: William D. Arand

Performed by: Stephanie Savannah

Released: September 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 58 min

Ash’s life is anything but normal these days.
Having discovered his Dao, he’s grown in power. Grown to the point that others are now aware of him and that he could be a danger.
In this world of martial arts, only the strong and the ruthless survive. Everyone else is merely a stepping stone on their path of Cultivation or an obstacle to be overcome—or knocked down. It’s a world where the strong rule and the weak die.
Utilizing the Hall, the voice in his head that calls itself Locke, those who have aligned with his faction, and all the powers available to him, Ash has begun his own journey of Cultivation.
Except that as a Fated One, his journey is a narrow and winding path between two cosmic forces. Each one vying for dominance.
That doesn’t even take into account the prison he’s been sent to by the Emperor. Except he’s not going to stay there very long if he can help it. That or take it over completely.
This is his fourth step in his life as a Cultivator.



William D. Arand

William D. Arand writes male-oriented science fiction and fantasy.



Stephanie Savannah

In addition to narrating over 100 audiobooks under several names, Stephanie has been seen and heard on stage in New York City and across the country. Stephanie has narrated in many genres, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, LitRPG, Harem, True Crime, Literature, Horror, Business, and Non-Fiction. AudioFile Magazine, the audiobook industry standard for audiobook reviews, said she "uses good expression," and "has a good selection of voices," turning in a "solid performance." LitRPG Podcast said, "The narration by Stephanie Savannah stuns. She never hesitates, and she tackles serious material with vigor and enthusiasm. She certainly has the feel for filling the action and emotion in the right spots and keeps each character clearly defined. As juggling acts go, she’s flipping live chainsaws and making them look like rubber balls."