Crystal Core 2 | Podium Audio

Crystal Core 2

Book 2

By: David Burke

Released: October 08, 2024

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Ryan is free… or is he?
Incursions through the Divided Realms continue to pick up. Ryan seems to have escaped from those who summoned him, but could it be that they’re just letting him out on a longer leash? Even if he can escape them, he can’t escape the monsters who are spreading through the realms.
Worse, his shadow is filled with all types of spidery things, and doesn’t want to let him out of her sight. Crazy can be good right?



David Burke

David Burke is a mild mannered something who tries to enjoy each day a bit more than the last. It dawned upon him at some point that life was racing him by and he wasn’t nearly as young as he used to be. So now he spends his nights and lunch hours and any other free time he can putting down on paper all the stories that have collected up over a life time.