Chosen of Chaos | Podium Audio

Eve of Destruction

Chosen of Chaos

Book 1

By: Benjamin Medrano

Performed by: Abby Craden

Released: August 24, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 32 min

Evelyn enjoyed living a nice quiet life in an anarchic pirate port, far from the world she’d once conquered.
Then came an attack by mercenaries that made her angry. By the time the dust settled, she had a group of former slaves which she’d freed, her djinn assistant had convinced several of the women that they should join Evelyn’s brand-new harem, and she was looking for a new home, likely aboard a ship.
If nothing else, it was going to make Evelyn’s life more interesting, and she almost looked forward to it. If the rest of the cluster was sweating bullets at the reemergence of a notorious warlord, that was their problem, not hers.



Benjamin Medrano

Benjamin Medrano is a Utah native who lives along the Wasatch front with his beloved wife Jessica. Benjamin loves fantasy, science fiction, reading, and tabletop roleplaying games, all of which has inspired his imagination to wider horizons. Eventually he decided that if he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted to read, he’d write it himself and took the plunge without ever looking back.



Abby Craden