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Chimera King

Champions of Last World

Book 2

By: Atlas Kane

Released: December 15, 2020

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 12 hr, 58 min

Power up. Select a trait. Save the girl.
After striking out on their own, Cade and his gorgeous companions have secured a degree of relative safety. Yet the world of Antinium remains rife with conflict, and their village will need to be defended.
Camp Casmeer is beginning to thrive. Satemi charges ahead with construction, Minda discovers new wonders of herbology, and Ketzal’s Occupation surpasses them all in practical combat. Cade is faced with a slew of new challenges, and his allies must take the fight to the enemy or risk being overrun.
Despite the dangers, our heroes are destined to become the Champions of Last World.
The Chimera King series contains explicit adult content, unconventional harem relationships, graphic and persistent violence, and a hero whose humor belongs in a military barracks. Proceed at your own risk.



Atlas Kane