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Master of All


Book 1

By: Simon Archer

Released: February 25, 2020

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 23 min

Defeat slavers. Take their monster girls. Conquer the world.
When William stumbles through a portal in the middle of Antarctica, he’ll suddenly find himself in a world unlike any he’s ever known. Now, he’s surrounded by monster girls, vicious warlords, and everything in between. 
Worse, his only weapon is a magical branding iron, which seems to have one skill and one skill only, to overwrite slave brands. Thing is, monster girls seem pretty grateful about being freed from the tyranny of their masters, and with each one he brands, the stronger he becomes. 
And that’s a good thing because in a world under siege, William and his magical branding iron might be the only thing that stands between them and complete annihilation.
Warning: Contains a harem and adult situations. You have been warned.



Simon Archer