Blood Rites 2 | Podium Audio

Blood Rites

Blood Rites 2

Book 2

By: Peter North

Performed by: Walker Williams

Released: March 05, 2024

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 20 min

The King of Selunath has returned, and there will be no mercy for those who stand against him.
Lazarus Cross, Eldritch Knight and Blood Mage of the Order of the Crimson Hand, has returned from the dead and is coming to claim the throne which was stolen from him more than 500 years ago.
He has retaken Crimson Keep, a military foothold in the forested south of the kingdom, and now he and his arcane harem must work to expand his control in Selunath.
Accompanied by a powerful vampiress, an innocently alluring healer, a fiercely honor-bound druidic warrior, and a sultry (if badly-behaved) doppelganger, Lazarus has his hands full as he makes deals with deities to grow his power for him and his harem.
But his vampiress lover insists that his strength would be even greater if Lazarus was able to seduce some of the dark creatures that have beset his kingdom, turning their allegiance and pitting them against the demonic goddess Sanguiana.
There is dark magic brewing in Selunath, which might lead Lazarus to his next source of power… or a powerful new enemy.
Together, Lazarus and his budding harem will build alliances in the forested and coastal provinces of the kingdom, strengthen their military presence, and plot to overthrow all who stand in their way.
Unless the gods have other ideas…



Peter North

Ogre by day, hero by night... Peter North has been writing "serious" SF&F adventures for many years, under another name. But there's only so long a guy can be serious before he starts to go a bit mad. This is where Peter comes to play. Inspired by Sword & Sorcery of old and HaremLit of new, the Elemental Empires series is a place where men (and open-minded women) can come to experience the intersection of Fantasy and fantasies. Follow Peter on Facebook: Visit his website:



Walker Williams