Alpha Warlock Academy 2 | Podium Audio

Alpha Warlock Academy

Alpha Warlock Academy 2

Book 2

By: Noah Layton

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 53 min

After completing my initial challenges and becoming the top Alpha at the Academy, life is pretty darn good.
I’ve got a permanent spot at the most prestigious institution in the galaxy and the most loyal group of friends that a man could ask for.
With a new semester at the Alpha Warlock Academy comes a new round of challenges. This time, I’m not working alone –I’ve got to form and lead a team of warlocks to take on a series of increasingly dangerous challenges. If I pull it off, a trove of rewards is mine.
Angry Alpha peers getting in my way aren’t the only thing I need to worry about. There’s also the problem of the legendary being clinging to my soul, the cultists trying to hunt me down, and the legacy of an ancient battle that poses a threat not just to the Academy but the whole planet.
All of it points to a deeper, darker plot by a powerful villain getting ready to step out of the shadows.



Noah Layton