Adept of Chaos | Podium Audio

Eve of Destruction

Adept of Chaos

Book 2

By: Benjamin Medrano

Performed by: Abby Craden

Released: March 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 45 min

Evelyn’s deeds are coming back to haunt her.
Free to travel among the stars, the former warlord is enjoying her freedom, even if she’s occasionally exasperated by the women who’ve attached themselves to her. They accompany her as she encounters wonders, from dryad terraforming ships to the orcish arenas of Skaloth.
Yet Evelyn has enemies, and they have not forgotten her. They target one of the few people she truly cares about, knowing that Evelyn will come. When she does she may be drawn into a trap from which even she can’t escape.



Benjamin Medrano

Benjamin Medrano is a Utah native who lives along the Wasatch front with his beloved wife Jessica. Benjamin loves fantasy, science fiction, reading, and tabletop roleplaying games, all of which has inspired his imagination to wider horizons. Eventually he decided that if he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted to read, he’d write it himself and took the plunge without ever looking back.



Abby Craden

I bring over a decade of experience as a professional, classically trained actor to creating authentic, immersive audiobook performances. Born and raised in Kansas City, I grew up surrounded by incredible women. My Brazilian grandmother who came to this country on a Fulbright, my American grandmother who wrote greeting cards for Hallmark, and my mother who introduced me to my love of reading and fantasy (hello Harry Potter). Because of this, I’ve got a lot of love for strong female characters. Maybe they’re a little sassy, sarcastic, or even spiny, but ultimately, they’re gonna “tell ya like it is” - like any best friend would. Professionally, I have worked on the stage alongside Oscar nominee Michael O’Keefe (in my Off-Broadway debut) and originated a role for award-winning playwright, Jeffrey Hatcher. My BFA in Acting is from the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater, where I focused in part on learning accents. Some of my favorites are British-RP, American-Southern, and French.